The Art of Babalon

Reminder: Women do not need to be polite to someone who is making them uncomfortable.

Reminder: NO ONE has to be polite to someone who is making them uncomfortable.

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Clearing things up

Let’s just make a few things absolutely clear.

I am not a good girl.
I do not kneel for just anyone.
I do not serve.
I am not in want or need of a good spanking.
I am not a little girl, I already have a father and I will not be calling you ‘daddy’.

I am *not* a good little submissive - whatever the fuck you think that means.

I am a whore. I choose who I give myself to, and I expect to get something in return for my troubles. We’ll start with your time, attention and care.

If I don’t kneel, make me. If you can’t make me without telling me it’s ‘part of the deal’, well… There’s no place for you here.

Don’t spank me, beat me. If you want tears, earn them.

And I’ll call you whatever the fuck I want to call you. If you want it to be something nice, you’d best earn my respect first.

I do not serve. I am. And what I am is filth. Let these things we do be an acknowledgement, a celebration of who we truly are. Don’t tell me your rules and expect me to follow them. I am a woman, not a robot.

Oh, and women? Have some fucking self respect. When he’s pissing on you, let it be because you want it. When he spits in your eager mouth, let it be because you can allow him to do that to you without shaking your sense of self. And every time he hits it, let it be because you’re strong enough to take it. You deserve it, because we all deserve to get a bit of what we want.

We don’t take it because we have to. We don’t take it because it’s all we’re worth.

We take it because we can. Because we are strong. And because we revel in the depravity.